Episode 10 – Global Servant Leadership w/Dr. Madana Kumar

In Episode 10, my mentor in all things Servant Leadership, from Bangalore, India, Dr. Madana Kumar makes his way on the podcast! Dr. Kumar gives key insight to the core of Servant Leadership, it’s history and some of the numbers and research that proves that Servant Leadership works! Get ready to be convinced that self-serving leaders are a thing of the past!
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Great Work Podcast #3 | Dr. Madana Kumar – VP HR of UST Global

Is Servant Leadership suitable for corporates while driving Digital Transformation? Hear my views on how UST global is doing this Watch “Great Work Podcast #3 | Dr. Madana Kumar – VP HR of UST Global” on Vimeo.
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Join Dr. Madana Kumar as he anchors the India Leadership Summit 2018

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Leadership is much studied and researched topic, and sometimes it can be confusing. J. Oswald Chambers’ definition- “Leadership is influence”, helps us demystify leadership. For Christians in the marketplace, this means influencing others using and demonstrating Christ like qualities.

The India Leadership Summit 2018 is an attempt by the Center for Leadership of the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) to answer these and many related questions. We have chosen an array for businessmen, who have succeeded in the marketplace while staying true to their faith and demonstrated Biblical leadership principles. They will share tips and practical advice on the topic, based on their own experiences and what they have seen in the marketplace. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the topic of Christ-like leadership in the marketplace.

SAIACS, Bangalore, India.

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